Sell Your Automobile In Fairfield


We buys cars for cash in Fairfield. We'll buy an car for a fair price whether they are running or not. We accept all vehicles including junk, SUVs, trucks, sports cars etc. So we accept a fair amount of cars.


We buy regardless of condition so you just need to fill out basic information and we can get in touch. We'll pick you car up regardless of the condition in Fairfield, CA. We can even collect your car from pretty much anywhere! Just call us anytime to get a quote. Even if your car has fire or water damage, we'll pick it up. We're looking for anything even if it's outdated. Call us and we'll ask you for the car details such as model make, year and general condition. You must be the vehicle owner and it must be ten years older or more.

One thing to remember is that we don't need the keys, but if you have them that's great. Do you really want to let that vehicle stay on your property, when you could get cash for it? People think they often need money, but sometimes that money could be in the form of their unsold old cars!

We buy cars and we give cash for cars. So basically, whatever type of car- whether SUV or an old truck, we'll buy it and we'll pay you cash. We'll give you a great deal as we've shown from our pickup service. Then- we'll also give you a quote after you our experts the model, make, year and condition. A great deal for you right? So why let that old clunker sit around? We'll give you cash and you get some money to spend, save, whatever.

A quick recap of the procedure- you give us a car you own, registered in your name and older than ten years. Before we remove your car, take out your personal belongings and remove your DMV license plates. After we have the model, make - year and condition you will know how much you can get for your car. This is in addition to canceling the insurance policy on the car. This works for all types of people and all types of cars. Great stuff eh?

We can sell your car whether you think you can or not! Even if you think your car is worthless, give us a call and we can sell it. Your car could become your money.

Please call us today at

(707) 205-3140 for more information.